We specialize in complementary medicine, products and methods, orthomolecular medicine and naturopathy.

The corporate philosophy is to only take products in their program that submit to permanent and ongoing, scientific controls. These controls constantly check and monitor the benefits of the products for the customer, the family and the environment.



Our team consists of doctors, naturopaths and pharmacists as well as manufacturers, logisticians and IT specialists.

The common bond that unites us is having a personal experience with naturopathy, either as a patient or as a therapist.

We recognize that many diseases are curable and preventable if the right methods are used at an early stage, with simple and inexpensive methods.

We want to establish Clinica al Ronc Foundation Trustmark as a quality concept that every doctor and therapist can recognize.

This will allow patients and clients to make an informed decision about products and services that meet their wishes and expectations.

Based on our information, our customers can distinguish between medical and marketing promises.



Your Money
Your money goes into the production, the research, the education and training of doctors. By purchasing our products you get a triple benefit:

* You will receive an excellent preparation providing excellent performance.

* Instead of investing in advertising, the money goes into the education and training of your doctors, therapists and counselors. This means that with the purchase of our products, you can help improve the competence of your doctors and consultants.

* The third advantage is that we hope that in future, insurance and health insurance companies will recognize the proven benefits and cover the cost of your treatment.

Our Partners
The Paracelsus Clinica al Ronc Foundation is a charitable foundation. The Clinica al Ronc is one part of the foundation. Its mission to improve public health and to conduct research. The foundation guarantees the independence of the research activities.

The e + b GmbH undertakes exclusive studies subject to the instructions of the Foundation.

The Research of Foundation and e + b is democratic and the tests are independent of capital interests. Doctors, consultants as well as sufferers, determine what is tested.


Thank You
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